Local Server

Local Server is suitable for small, medium size businesses. Our virtual private servers are located in Sydney and come with daily, weekly and monthly snapshot-based backups. Servers can be configured to use off-site snapshots for increased reliability.

Dedicated means that our servers are reserved exclusively for your business. Processing power, memory, storage, and bandwidth are exclusively yours and not shared. This is different from shared hosting where many websites reside on a single web server connected to the Internet. Your cloud storage server is exclusively yours to manage.

Clients will have complete control of the server i.e. max upload file size, encryption, download links visible or not, user accounts, log files, etc. Clients can choose between using a single account shared with multiple users (suitable for small businesses), using multiple shared accounts (medium size business) or using individual accounts for each user (large business).

Coming Soon

Support 24 x 7 x 365

Our Local Support Team is standing by to help you at any time! Live Chat is also available Mon-Fri 7am-7pm (GMT+10).

Deployed in 60 mins

You won't have to wait to experience our awesome service as your local server will be provisioned within hours of your initial payment being received!

Super Fast Speeds!

All local servers use Intel Gold CPU's and Enterprise Grade NVMe Drives to ensure your local VPS runs as quick as possible!